History and Ethos

Founded by Arthur H Wilton in 1963, Wiltons (as it has become known within the industry) has grown to become one of the foremost insulation contractors in the UK. The business can now boast as being the oldest independent thermal insulation contractor operating within the industry.

The company prides itself in the fact that it has always been able to secure and deliver major projects, whilst also servicing and undertaking smaller based installations/plant changeovers, which are viewed as just as important as large commercial projects. Wiltons is structured to look after clients of every size with a variety of requirements and we thrive on this variety. We value our customers whether they are working on major projects or minor boiler room works.

The company is proud to state that we operate with a core directly employed, and qualified, site operatives, and as such, do not rely solely on sub-contract labour. We have identified that this is important to our clients, and we believe this not only demonstrates a duty of care to our clients to ensure we deliver quality, but also a committment to our employees that we intend to retain this structure and will show every endeavour to obtain a level of work to maintain and service our committed workforce.

We ensure continued development of our labour force, not only by securing additional experienced engineers, but we think it is important that we supplement that with newly qualified operatives, and actively seek to employ apprenctices, through IETA, and train people to build a new career and in turn secure reliable employees.

In 2006 the current Managing Director, Michael Murphy, joined the company and now has a majority share in the business. He has contributed to the continued growth within the industry with the negotiating and securing recent prestigious projects such as Africa House, St Georges Court and South Camden School rebuild and refurbishment.

With Michael’s past experience, not only in mechanical engineering, but also within the flue industry, he has been keen to incorporate flue installation into the core business. In 2008 an opportunity arose to purchase the 20 year established flue contractors Almoy, which is a very well respected flue and chimney specialist. This aspect of the business has continued to expand, to include the design and manufacture of chimneys and masts.

Running, and owning, the business with Michael has been Mrs Dionisia Brown, Wiltons Financial Director.

Nisia is the longest standing member of the team and has been working for Wiltons for more than 20 years. In 2008, after previously securing shares in the company, she increased her own shareholding in the business. Whilst Nisia’s primary role in Wilton’s is Chief Financial Officer, and therefore to control the financial/accounts aspect of the business, she also has a direct involvement with the day-to-day running of the business, and is also Company Secretary.

As the flue business expanded, the aspect of the mild steel fabrication has seen a natural progression with a general increase to tanks, gantries, pipes, pressure vessels as well as one-off fabrication.

The business has historically been commercially focused but a brand new division, that can now also deal with Domestic projects, utilising the skills and design experience of our team has been formed. This company focuses on a growing side of the business, which will sell everything from wood stoves, natural open chimney fires, through to modern balanced flue fires. Should you require any lining works to existing chimneys, or new pre-fabricated chimneys installed, then Wiltons can provide a solution to you.

2018 Looking Forward to 2019

Wiltons have had the opportunity to further expand the chimney/flue business with the securing of several mast and flue installations for the CHP/Biomass and Waste Heat Boiler market. It has seen a new customer base grow for Wiltons, and a return to the freesatinding chimney installations that were undertaken many years ago before the development of the modular flues that took the company in a different direction.


With the expansion of the business and as part of the 50 year celebration the Company will be known as the Wiltons Group of Companies with each division having a Wilton’s derivative name which will supersedes any former name. To this end, whilst Arthur H Wilton remains 55 years old and counting, the company will now be known as Wiltons Insulation. Almoy will again undertake a name change only, not affecting age or history, will be known as Wiltons Chimneys and Flue Specialists. All other relevant services will now be encompassed in the company associated with that branch of the business, e.g. trace heating will be undertaken in Wiltons INsulation contracts. Further details can be seen on the website.