Insulation Products


In carrying out the vast scope of works our company offers we install a comprehensive range of products on offer in the market place.

These include, but are not restricted to:

  • H & V Aluminium foil face Pipe Section
  • H & V Aluminium foil face Ductslab
  • H & V Aluminium foil face Ductwrap

(All of the above available in both Rock and Glass)

  • H & V Aluminium foil face Phenolic Pipe Section
  • H & V Aluminium foil face Phenolic Ductslab
  • Armaflex section and sheeting
  • P.I.B. weather proof covering
  • Isogenopak cladding
  • Metal cladding (various finishes)
  • Acoustic Insulation (various options)
  • Fire rated insulation (various options)
  • Climaver pre-Insulated ductwork systems (as manufactured by Isover)

With our experience in the field we aim to be able to furnish a client with any specification required. Therefore should you have any special requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our Head Office, and we will be pleased to consult our specialist suppliers, and advise accordingly.

Insulation Services

We strive to ensure that new or existing clients may approach us with any problem or predicament, whether it is design based, advice on correct use of materials for the specific install, or relating to the accommodation of a restrictive installation program. It is our endeavour, and reflected in our 50 years of trading, to provide solutions through the ability of resourcing quality materials speedily and/or the ability to able to provide varied labour levels, with the trusted philosophy of ‘no job too large or too small’.

We offer a range of services, which include the following:

  • Supply and delivery only of insulation products

  • Supply, delivery and installation of minor insulation contracts, repairs, etc

  • Supply, delivery and installation of medium/major insulation contracts to commercial building sites (i.e. we do not carry out work directly to the domestic market)

  • Supply, delivery and installation of trace heating, including hot water maintenance and frost protection

  • Asbestos strip out service (work organised through our long standing specialist sub-contractor)

  • As a new service we would like to draw our clients attention to the fact that we have now attended, and passed, Isover’s course for the supply and installation of the Climaver pre-insulated ductwork system. Primarily, this provides an additional option to specifiers, designers, contractors, etc when presented with situations on site whereby one installation team attending site and working in an area would be advantageous, as opposed to a ductwork team, and an insulation team. This one operation, by our qualified operatives, would provide the end result of an insulated ventilation system.

In order to deliver a comprehensive service, we want our clients to be encouraged that we may be approached at any point in a contract and therefore we are able take a contract from initial inception/enquiry stage, determine a specification if necessary, carry out initial/ongoing site surveys, and provide presentations of the products, to any workplace, with the full backing of manufacturers and suppliers where required.


Our aim is to ensure our clients always receive a consistently professional and efficient service, and to enable us to have confidence in ensuring that this is the case, it is imperative that we associate ourselves with companies that base their own business on these same fundamental principles.

Our service to the thermal insulation industry concentrates on valued associations with leading suppliers within the trade, ensuring that a vast amount of specifications can be applied, efficiently and economically, and therefore sourcing recognised and major manufacturers products.

To this end we have formed long standing working relationships with suppliers, fabricators, and manufacturers that we feel reflect our own objectives in ensuring that our clients receive, and come to expect, a high standard from AHW.

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